Destination Wedding Workbook

Destination Wedding Workbook

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You’ve got a heart for adventure, friend! Are those destination weddings you’ve always dreamed of finally showing up in your inbox? Along with the visions of lovely Parisian streets and beautiful coastal blues, you have questions about how to prepare, what to pack, and best tips to capture the wedding weekend without missing a beat. (Jetlag is a real thing, y’all!)

I’ve photographed all over the world, from New Zealand to the waters of the Caribbean, and in this workbook I’ve compiled by best wedding photography travel tips, gear list and more for you!

In the Destination Wedding Workbook, you’ll gain access to:
•  Research you must do before booking
•  The ideal wedding weekend travel timeline
•  My top travel accessories
•  What to pack (and what you actually need)
•  Travel hacks to get the best bang for your buck

Whether you’re dreaming of your upcoming destination photography adventure or in final planning stages, the Destination Wedding Workbook is the perfect tool to eliminate unexpected stressors and arrive prepared!