The Rainy Day Wedding Workbook

The Rainy Day Wedding Workbook

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Have you ever looked at the forecast repeatedly in the days leading up to a wedding hoping for clear skies, only for the sun never to show its face? Does the smallest chance of rain bring on the anxiety as you envision your perfected plans washing away? It doesn’t have to be that way, friend!

I used to be terrified of shooting weddings on rainy days! The fear of damaging my equipment, the dreary lighting conditions, and the stress of bad weather was enough to make my stomach lunge. Over the course of seven years of weather I couldn’t control (who knew?!), I’ve learned quite a few tricks to mastering whatever mother nature throws our way! 

In this Rainy Day Wedding Workbook, you’ll find:
•  Top tips for a successful rainy day wedding
•  My rainy day preparedness kit
•  Best photo spots with great light you can find in any city (and yes, even outdoors!)
•  My best trick for a simple off-camera flash setup that is sure to wow your couple long after the storm subsides

Whether you’re new to photographing weddings or looking to improve your craft, the Rainy Day Wedding Workbook will prepare you to handle difficult weather scenarios like a pro!